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Mary Beth is a self-taught photographer. Her fascination and love for nature led her to specialize in wildlife and nature photography. She lives in the Southwest and part time on Block Island, RI


Nominee in Nature and Sports in 9th Annual International Color Awards

Nominee in Wildlife 10th Annual Black and White Awards

Salt Marsh #2 photograph Exposure Juried Exhibit at Open Shutter Gallery Durango, CO


Nominee in Nature and Wildlife in 8th Annual International Color Awards

Great Egret photograph chosen in WIPI Animals Category


Nominee in Nature Category in 5th Annual International Color Awards

“My feelings of wonder and curiosity are the driving forces in my photography.  I hope through my work people will see all the beauty that can be found right outside their doorsteps, that they will reclaim their childlike wonder, and be moved to appreciate and protect the fragility of nature.”  

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