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Andy reder(non-registered)
Hi Boo

Really impressive work! Hope you are well,
Barry & Holly Spear(non-registered)
We are blown away1 These photos contain such great understanding of color, composition, balance, and the beauty of nature's way .. . . nature's life. We want your first flash drive to scroll in our wine room.! Terrific, Mary Beth.
Tracey Belt(non-registered)
Wonderful Wild Photographs Mary Beth....
Tom Buol(non-registered)
Mary Beth, these photos are absolutly beautiful!! Keep up the good work.
Your pictures are STUNNING!
Page Lindsey(non-registered)
Mary Beth, these are all just lovely! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to see them!
Bridget Bernhart(non-registered)
Uniquely your own and yet I can enjoy what I am seeing as mine. Thank you for the beautiful frame of mind. You know this line from song: "If you could read my mind, Girl, what a tale my thoughts would tell..." You do that because you REALLY can. Loads of praise about your work, choices, talent......
All in one shot!
Nature and life caught perfectly! So special
Even the Sweet Mother would be proud of those flower shots. These photos are like medicine, magic bullets straight to the heart of things. Karen
Stunning, simply stunning!
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